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We work with a vast network of independent consultants located around the country with a varying expertise including media, legal, organizing, fundraising, etc.

Todd Keller

For two decades Todd has developed and executed comprehensive campaign strategies for associations, nonprofit organizations, issue-based coalitions, political candidates, and elected officials. As a registered lobbyist he advocated for local, state and national organizations on topics ranging from renewable energy, climate change, the environment, public lands, and outdoor recreation policy. With direct political action committee experience, he understands the importance of interweaving legislative and political decisions and have supported organizations efforts to increase visibility and influence on the political landscape.

As a senior advisor to the Mayor of Cincinnati, Todd led media operations, legislative activities, and outreach to the business community, and the overall public affairs program of the Mayor’s office. He is a native Ohioan and graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.