Method & Madness: Campaign Philosophy & Approach

The word ‘campaign’ often invokes thoughts of elected officials or glossy ads aimed at consumers or even coordinated military action. These are the most notable of campaigns.

However, in this new and unpredictable world we now live in, campaigns will take on new meaning and require a deeper dive. Organizations will need to consider a more comprehensive or holistic approach to thriving with one-party control of government. While many see singular control as intimidating or unapproachable, this couldn’t be further from the truth. A one-party government will give some level of consistency. And a good campaign is consistent, targeted, and attacks on a number of fronts.

Think of it as a building that has a multitude of floors, with each floor having a particular function, and each of those functions has a set of guidelines. I know this sounds complex and the bigger campaigns are definitely that. But when you pause and develop a comprehensive strategy you tend to breakdown those complexities into a much more organized and digestible approach that in turn is more easily executed. And as with any building, a strong foundation with a foolproof plan to build up is absolutely necessary before adding new floors.

To ensure success, you must start with an achievable objective. For example, if your goal is to attack the establishment, then go back to the drawing board. But if you are seeking to score a victory on an achievable goal, then you are on the right track. Successful campaigns that have the best chance of success have formulated strategic planning on the following core questions:

  • Do you have a well-defined goal and is that goal achievable?
  • Have you done the research, including focus groups, polling, and background documents?
  • What sort of budget are you working with, and it is part of the strategy to increase funding?
  • Have you defined measurable tactics along the way to ensure you’re on track for success?
  • Do you have contingency plans if and when things go off-course? 

What seems straightforward and simple to some can be extremely difficult to others. Strategic planning certainly falls into that category. I have experienced many instances where an organization wants to undertake campaign, but has not considered other aspects such as decision maker outreach, or community mobilization. I have conveyed to organizations for years that your campaign will have a better chance of success if YOU are able to incorporate a multi branched approach.

So the next time you or your organization are considering a campaign consider not only media outreach, or grassroots organizing, or decision maker outreach, but all aspects. If you do you will be setting yourself up for a win!

Thanks for reading and feel free to contact us, we are always looking for fun projects to work on and good people to work with.


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