At 1352 Strategies, our holistic approach to campaign strategy and crisis management has yielded positive results year after year. So much of what we strive toward as human beings is goal-driven and has campaign elements to it, whether it is training for a marathon, trying to buy a house, or tackling that weekend to-do list…we start with a goal. But we cannot just execute and hope for a positive result, we must have a plan: we need to strategize how to accomplish the goal; and develop tactics to carry out the strategy.

PLANNING GOAL/STRATEGY/TACTICS: Developing a poorly defined or unachievable goal, and mistakenly interweaving strategy and tactics is what can doom a plan from the beginning. Our methods don’t just stop with a well thought out strategic plan; we also incorporate a holistic approach to our plans by balancing grassroots outreach, strategic media outreach, decision maker outreach, critical research, and the ability to develop resources. Let us help your next campaign or if your campaign has been lackluster, allow us to come in and get it on the right track.