What We Do

Project/Issue Management: Whether your needs are for a full fledged campaign, a short term project, or your effort has “gone sideways”, our proven strategic approach will move the project towards success. Within this management we will detail the balance between grassroots, media, and government affairs outreach. We truly view ourselves as contractors rather than consultants meaning we will not only develop the strategy but also execute that strategy. Our true value comes when that strategy needs to be adjusted due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be with you every step of the way.

Trainings: Oftentimes, organizations forget they have an enormous asset in their employees or members. However those assets only prove effective if they understand the issue and what tools are available to them. This is where we excel. We have trained hundreds of “regular” folks on how to engage with their decision makers, how to use the traditional and social media, and how to reach out to their neighbors and colleagues. Combine all of these aspects and you get a very powerful force.

Our Network: While our focus has been on traditional liberal issues such as renewable energy, environmental policy, and the recreation industry we have and continue to build pathways with all ideologies. Common ground is there if you work hard, and we do! That is why we work with a network of consultants around the country of all political stripes. We absolutely believe this is one of our most essential strengths, so let us put this into action for you.

Now, if you are looking for some help with an existing project that doesn’t need the full scope mentioned above, we can surely accompany your requests. We also do the following on a host of issues:

  • Government Affairs/Lobbying
  • Public Affairs/Media
  • Grassroots activities/planning